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Nostalgia Items and Art - Freitag Art Prints - An Apple a Day (JohnDeere)

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An Apple a Day (JohnDeere)

An Apple a Day (JohnDeere) "An Apple a Day" (JohnDeere) by Charles Freitag. Limited Edition Print. 12" x 21". In each of my paintings, I try to convey my fond childhood memories of life on the family farm". Charles Freitag is a native Iowan, born and raised on a small farm in the heartland of rural America. Growing up on the family farm gave him deep appreciation for his natural surroundings, and can be found in his paintings of yesteryear. *This is the print only!

A House Call
A House Call
An Apple a Day (JohnDeere)
Autumn Harvest (JohnDeere)
Autumn Harvest (JohnDeere)

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