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Handheld Wind Meter with Thermometer

Handheld Wind Meter with Thermometer The new ELV handheld wind meter permits not only determination of the wind strength, but also the complex assessment of the weather situation at the site. Short-term changes can be understood more quickly using the analog bar graph display rather than the digital display. The wind strength can be displayed in knots, km/h, miles/h, m/s or Beaufort as desired, with the temperature either in °C or °F, or alternatively as a wind-chill equivalent (“sensed temperature”). The display enables you to make a real evaluation of the heat loss of the human body when subject to wind, and therefore prevent hypothermia. Operation of the hand-held device with only two large keys is especially simple. The protective cap that protects the wind wheel against damage in transport can also be used as a stand for the device when in operation, so that a firm and secure mounting is provided. For battery conservation the device has an automatic battery disconnect. (requies 2 AAA batteries , not included) The large LCD display shows simultaneously: •Wind strength in digital and quasi-analog form •Maximum or average wind speed •Temperature at the site •Minimum or maximum temperature as required. Wind strength: Measuring range: 0 to 124 mph Accuracy: ±5% Temperature: Measuring range: -4 to 150 °F Accuracy: ±1 K Dimension. 6”H x 2” W

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