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2009 Rust Book

2009 Rust Book image' Auction guru Greg “Machinery Pete” Peterson and Dave Mowitz, award winning editor of the year, has amassed the sale prices of the over 10,000 pieces of antique iron that appear in this 416-page volume, covering all types of antique tractors, implements and trucks. You’ll want Rust Book II by your side when searching the Internet. Take the guesswork out of buying or selling antique machinery. Rust Book II features the actual prices collectors have paid over the past TWO years. Now you’ll know exactly what to ask for, what to pay. You’ll also find the most complete listing of serial numbers by tractor make ever assembled. See why Rust Book IIis the definitive pricing Bible of antique machinery collectors.

Tradepaper: 5-1/4" × 8-1/2" 400 pages. 2ND EDITION Rust Book --NEW FOR 2009.

What's it Worth
What's it Worth
2009 Rust Book
2009 Rust Book with 2 free gifts
2009 Rust Book with 2 free gifts

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2009 Rust Book
2009 Rust Book with 2 free gifts
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